Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Softball players likely didn't see pond: police

This sad story came across my desk today.  A Brandon Manitoba woman drowned in a pond in North Dakota with three friends when their jeep drove into the pond.  The girls were found inside the Jeep.  One can only imagine fear and trauma of being stuck in a vehicle without the ability to get out as the water rises.

There are some actions you can take to protect you, your Son or Daughter or any loved on from such a fate.

A simple tool called a Res-Q-Me is an excellent device that fits on your key chain.  If you keep your keys on a Carabiner like I do it makes accessing this item even easier as it is on a breakaway device and has tools to cut seat belts and break windows in a very compact device.  The thing I like about the Res-Q-Me is that it can be taken with you into someone else's car, I don't know about you but I find myself in more cars than just my truck day to day and the person who owns the car I'm in my not be prepared in this manner with rescue tools.

Right now in my truck there are two Life Hammer mounted to the doors of my truck.  I bought one for my mom because she used to drive along a river to work on slipper roads in the winter and she kept a hammer under her seat in case she slid into the water but the thing is that you need the force multiplication tip of specialized tools to break through the glass with the pressure of the water.

The bigger tool is the Life Hammer and the smaller one is the Res-Q-Me

I am going a step further this year and I'm buying my whole family two items for in their cars, one is a flashlight by Fenix, the LD20 is a great light and will perform very well for them and I'm also getting each of them a Res-Q-Me so that if they are in someone elses car they will be able to get out in a tough situation like this.  

I am known in my family for giving useful gifts.  I think the Fenix Flashlights and Res-Q-Me tools will fit my norm well and can potentially save my loved ones life.  I've already got at least one rescue tool in each car in my immediate family so now I need to get them safe when in the vehicles of others.

Keep in mind like many items out on the market there are cheap imitators of the real thing!  For me when it comes to the safety of my family and loved ones I don't skimp on imitation items, only the real thing will do!   I've seen cheap versions of the Res-Q-Me at Bentley's for like $5 when my real Res-Q-Me cost about $20.  You might choose a different tool for your needs but for goodness sake don't buy the dollar store or discount rescue tool!


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Kymber said...

What a sad story! but a great reminder of why it is so necessary to have the proper equipment in your vehicle (or on your person if you are in another's vehicle).

and i would love to be on your Xmas list Frazer!!!

Frazer said...

Hehehe, I'll see what I can do about sending you a Res-q-me LOL