Monday, March 29, 2010

Terrorists Hit Moscow's Metro

I woke up around 6am this Monday morning, did my normal routine which is to read my Bible, pray and then go online to check my google reader for all my newsfeeds. Well that took longer than normal as I had to figure out my Dad's computer. I'm staying at my parents place God bless them while my place is being dismantled since I am moving Wednesday. So once I figured out my dad's old laptop and brushed up on windows 2000 I started doing my morning news cap. So the first thing I noticed was that a couple female terrorists in Moscow blew themselves up in a morning commute suicide bombing attack on the metro system.

This compelled me to write a blog for the urban dweller who might need to take a transit system to and from work for your commute. As preppers we know we always need to be prepared at home but what about on the move during the day? Well I think the first line of defense is a good solid survivalists EDC (Everyday Carry) to include either your pocket contents or a waist pack of some kind to hold some potentially life saving tools. I like Leatherman's S2 Juice model, it's similar to a SAK (Swiss Army Knife) but it has good pliers while not being to bulky. Then I add a good folding knife (look into your local laws first, it might be that all you need knife wise is a Leatherman or SAK due to legalities) then I add a large cotton bandanna. This could be used as a bandage, triangular bandage or even a crude face shield if need be to protect from smoke. Add the usual cell phone and keys, wallet etc etc. I actually keep a couple One Step (Wet ones work too) single wrapped hand sanitizer wipes and a couple Wet Naps in my wallet. (The wet naps are great for wiping blood off your hand and face like I saw a guy on the news doing in Moscow. I also keep a N-95 mask I "borrowed" from my doctors office during flu season when they wanted everyone with a cough to wear one. Then maybe a small penlight. I think the best penlight for the money is the Streamlight Stlylus Pro. It's bright and compact while it runs on AAA batteries which are like mice in a large city, easy to find.

These items can get your pretty far in a day. I carry a few other items like a rite in the rain notepad and a pen but that's not 100% necessary. However I'd add a few more items to my EDC bag/briefcase. I'd carry a GuyotDesigns backpacker, a couple water purification tablets or even a aquamira frontier pro water filter straw that is pretty compact. The good thing about the Guyotdesigns backpacker is that it can be used to boil water in during an extreme circumstance. I like options! I'd keep some high calorie food that doesn't need cooking like a power bar, some extra N-95 masks, a small first aid kit, maybe a small pry bar and a multi tip screwdriver for some added utility. I'd carry an Adventure medical kits heatsheets bivy sack and maybe if I have room some extra shoes that might make running easier than my work shoes. Extra socks are nice for if your feet get wet and some foot powder. Any soldier will tell you that unhappy feet make you unhappy, the last thing you need when TSHTF like it would have if you were in Moscow's metro...

Items may differ for you depending on where you live and the most possible disasters that could hit you. You need to be ready on some level for something like this happening and maybe even being forced into helping out your fellow man in an emergency like this. You need to customize your kit for your laws and knowledge. You don't need a full trauma bag if you don't even have EMT-B training. (something I suggest every prepper get as a minimum First Aid qualification)

I'm linking to a series of videos made by a guy called Nutnfancy on youtube who calls this kit an USK (or Urban Survival Kit) he goes over many of the items you might want to consider in an urban emergency and goes in depth about an urban emergency kit.  Keep in mind these are a series of 40+ minute videos You just need to keep in mind if you can't leave your USK at your office and just carry essentials on your daily commute you'll need to build a smaller kit that can sustain you and give you options that you can carry everyday. I personally fit mine into the Janus Extension pocket on my Maxpedition Jumbo that I carry everyday since I can't leave stuff at the office. It might cost you a bit more to get your hands on extra light extra compact items but when TSHTF in the city you'll be glad you had it.

USK Video #1

USK Video #2

USK Video #3

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[something to ponder: What is your 2010 preparedness plan?]

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Ancient Dragon said...

I watched the videos, and was a little disturbed. First, I think that while prepositioning a kit at the office is a nice idea, it's likely wholly impractical for most people. That leaves you carrying back and forth, which is likely the better option anyway. I spend time in the city that is not in the office. At 23 pounds, this guy has a pack that is more than some Appalachian thruhikers have as base pack weights. A kit like this will quickly be left at home or in the car after a few weeks.

Second, this looks less like an urban survival kit and more like a 'hero' kit. I think the concept of an EDC urban kit is fantastic, I believe that if you want to construct a USK, give very careful consideration to what is actually likely to be helpful to you is a better route than trying to prepare a multiplly redundant, cover all the bases kit

Frazer said...

agreed Ancient Dragon, Nutnfancy's plans tend to involve a level of heroism. Keep in mind I posted those videos for a frame of reference when it comes to things you might want to think of. I adopted some of his USK items in my BOB instead of the USK. I got one of those small hack saws, a small pry bar and a multi-tip screwdriver for more firepower in a pinch. I think if you're going for a kit just for yourself to survive an urban disaster you might want to reconsider some of the stuff Nutnfancy talks about, however some of the items give you more capabilities and options when TSHTF. I'm a guy who likes options so for example while my multitool in my BOB has a screwdriver I like the fact that you can get more torque out of the multi-bit driver and still cover the variety of bits you could come across. Plus it's a level of redundancy.

You always need to adopt kits to fit your personal needs and philosophies, Nutnfancy goes for the hero method, some go for the Rambo or lone ranger method, others like myself prefer to stick in groups and help friends out. So adopt your kit to what you think is best for you.

Ancient Dragon said...

"You always need to adopt kits to fit your personal needs"

That's the essence of it right there, certainly. I do believe his redundancy is extreme. I'd rather see everyone have a single EDC penlight that they always carry rather than four light sources in a 23 pound backpack sitting at home.

Might make a fun contest, you know? People propose the essential USK....

Frazer said...

yeah that would be a cool contest, it's always fun to see what people find to be essential pieces of kit!