Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Renters Curse

I've known I don't want to rent forever for a long time, however moving into my new place has made me want my own home even more! This really woke me up to the slavery of renting, the laundry room has machines that require High Efficiency soap. I recently through a guy on youtube called yankee prepper about a great way to save money on laundry soap by making your own. However I can't use this recipe to save money because I need to use that special soap as to not ruin the machines. You can find the recipe at Also I plan on using a local community garden, while it is a blessing to be able to grow some of my own food, it relies on people not going into the lot in the middle of the city and stealing and also it requires more time since I have to drive 10 minutes each way just to tend my garden. I'm sure I'll figure something out between my morning work outs and going to work but it is a pain not to be able to just go out the back door and water the vegetable garden. I also have no control over what flowers are planted that may help cross pollinate the vegetables I grow. And finally since it's not on my own property I can't protect the garden and I can't really rely on it in a SHTF situation for food since it will probably be looted immediately unless someone like myself stations myself outside the garden gate with a mossberg!

So I'm putting myself into high gear with prayer and faith for a different job that will allow me the blessing of owning my own suburban homestead.

Here are a few reasons renting is slavery.

1) You pay rent but earn no equity.
2) You have no real control over the property
3) You must follow your landlords rules (gardening, laundry times, no firearms etc.)
4) as a renter you have no asset in your living quarters.
5) You lose out on tax benefits

There is sure a lot more but these are just a few, so I hope you (if you live in an apartment or rented house) that you don't plan on that as a long term solution. Even if you rent a house and the landlord gives you free reign over the place you still can't prep to the same extent. For example you might lose some of your work if you have to move, Opsec upgrades can't be done easily without losing the work/equipment if you don't want to lose the deposit.

In Ontario the landlord can raise the rent up to 3% annually I think it is even without making improvements so your rent goes up, whereas if you own your home from what I understand interest rates on your mortgage may change but the payment stays the same for the most part. This illimitable the need of moving every couple years to find a place that is more in line with what you are willing to pay. I know it happened to me, my old place had good rent but over 3 or 4 years the rent just got a bit to tight, so I had to move.

[Something to think about, what is your preparedness plan for 2010?]

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